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Boiler Repair

Boilers Paterson NJ - Boiler Repair, Heater Replacement, Heating Installation - All Pro Master Heating and Plumbing - Boiler_imageAll Pro Master Plumbing & Heating recognizes that your boiler is a valuable asset to your home. The plumbing expertise required to successfully repair your boiler should not be trusted to just any ole’ boiler repair service! Our master plumbers can give you the practical and sensible answers to your questions regarding your boiler repair!

Common Boiler Questions

  • Can my boiler be repaired?
  • What type of boiler can meet the heating needs of my home?
  • How frequently should I service my boiler?
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Boiler Replacement

Unfortunately, like most household appliances, your old boiler only has but a certain life expectancy. There are times when the unfortunate boiler replacement is due. The good news is that a new boiler can drastically improve the energy efficiency versus your old boiler and can reduce the costs it takes to heat your home. We carry all of the major brands and can replace your old boiler today!

Give us a call to replace your boiler and reap some of the new boiler benefits:
  • Reduction of your electricity bill
  • Increase the efficiency of your boiler
  • Heat your home more effectively

Boiler Installation

The proper installation of your replacement boiler is a critical aspect that can determine the life and efficiency of your boiler. Our skilled boiler installation experts ensure that only the top plumbing workmanship is done to ensure that your new boiler will perform at its peak efficiency.

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